Visual of the Week – Rib Roast

Last summer Delve Kitchen had the pleasure of employing some exotic cooking techniques for the 4th annual Loudness Fest. As you can see from our photo of the day; things started out innocent enough. However, we decided to throw 600 liters of LN2 and an 8 foot tall/15,000,000 BTU per hour searing device dubbed the ‘meat forge’ into the mix. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share a bit more about what went down.

Visual of the Week: Spilled Wine

Warning: Alcohol was abused and wine glasses were injured during this shoot.

Here at ChefSteps we’re lucky to have the talented photographer Ryan Matthew Smith as a cofounder. We’ve been shooting thousands of new images to tell the story of cooking in a way never before seen. But sometimes we just shoot something that we think will look cool.

wallpaper at 1920×1080
wallpaper at 1920×1200
here ya go Dale 🙂 1440×900