Recipe Inspiration: Five Meaty Meals

In honor of this week’s Barbecue Class, we’re putting all things meat at center stage. Read on for the makings of your next carnivorous feast.


1. If you’ve gone through life thinking your tiny urban kitchen wasn’t up to the task of producing the sort of deeply delicious ribs you get with an outdoor smoker, prepare for a life-altering experience. Cooked sous vide for four hours—followed by a quick stint in the oven—our Apartment Ribs recipe produces juicy, tender meat, chewy bark, and plenty of great flavor—no backyard (or even sunscreen) required.

PSST: Don’t have sous vide equipment? Never fear, we’ve got a hack right this way.

Serve with: Baked Beans, Rich as F*¢k Biscuits.



2. Pitmasters who have a smoker at the ready, this one’s for you. Dry rub a pork butt with a blend of mustard seed, paprika, and lots of other stuff, then leave it to do its thing for 12 hours. The result: rich, succulent pieces of delicious piggy guaranteed to up your barbecue game.

Serve with: Creamy Coleslaw or Red Coleslaw.



3. Brined for 48 hours, this Braised Pork Belly recipe takes a well-loved pig part to a whole new level.

Serve the pork belly in our Kung Pao Carnitas.



4. For the hi-tech type looking to take beef to the next level, we offer our Reconstructed Roast. Via the magic of Activa, you can remove all the unwanted bits, then glue the good parts back together. Okay, it sounds a little strange, but trust us: It’s amazing.

Serve with: Thin-Cut French Fries.



5. A steak dinner is as classic as it gets, but preparing steak the old-fashioned way—pan-roasting or grilling—is tricky. Guarantee yourself a perfect slab of beef by opting to cook it sous vide instead. We baste our Sous Vide Steak in butter and thyme for an even more decadent flavor.

Serve with: Microwaved Radicchio Salad as a starter; Pomme Purée as a side; and a good bottle of red wine to wash it all down.

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