ChefSteps Forum | Eat Dessert First!

Nick Gavin, super-duper development chef, issued the first ChefSteps sous vide dessert challenge last week on our forum. The objective was to use sous vide to make a new dessert or your favorite dessert in a new way. Some things to try included new takes on custards, confit fruits, converting starches to sugars and modern techniques such as encapsulations, foams, and hot set creams. There were some sweet, inventive dishes posted and we loved the creative camaraderie between forum members. Nick, Chris, and Ryan each picked their favorite dish to feature on our Pinterest board.

Nick Gavin: My favorite this week has to be Brian Douglas’ Chocolate Panna Cotta with Banana and Many Textures of Peanut. I enjoyed the flavors he used on his plate – felt they all worked well together and I liked the fact that he used different culinary techniques.


Ryan Matthew Smith: I’m choosing Chris Koller’s Raspberry Chocolate Gateau this week. Beautiful plating and composition. I particularly like how close we are to the dish, showing off the texture on the Gateau. Nicely done!


Chris Young: My pick of the week is Carston Eriksen’s Sous Vide Poached Pear with White Chocolate, Marzipan and Vanilla Ice Cream. I love that she made her own marzipan and that she used an old Fat Duck trick for making ice cream at home with dry ice. Great job layering textures and embracing the diy spirit!

Kudos to our dear friend and mentor, Heston Blumenthal!


Be sure to check out this week’s: Culinary Challenge 4 (to recreate a dish that you disliked from your childhood) and stay tuned to find out if we end up with any phenomenal dishes of liver with beets and brussel sprouts.

Thank you to everyone on the ChefSteps forum for your great participation.
Grant, Chris, Ryan, and the rest of the ChefSteps team.