Midnight Snack Video: James Hoffmann on Coffee Extraction

Coffee. It’s the drink that coaxes you to wake each and every morning. Don’t you want it to be perfect? Join James Hoffmann of Square Mile Coffee in London, and Ben Kaminsky, three-time U.S. Cup Tasters Champion and learn all about how to brew your perfect cup at home.

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The ChefSteps Coffee Class Has Landed


Is there such a thing as perfect coffee? And even if there was, isn’t everyone’s perfect coffee different? Whether you’re a latte person, a skinny milk person or maybe even a decaf person – finding the perfect cup of coffee can be a challenge. Some people really experiment with their tastes, maybe even looking into cbd coffee wholesale options, to try and get it right. It’s hard to say if coffee can be perfect, but one thing’s certain: with a little education and experimentation, you can refine your homebrew to make your version of a perfect cup – with just the right sweetness, acidity, strength, and mouthfeel. Thousands of coffee drinkers don’t have the right equipment to create a delicious cup of coffee. Even if they try homebrewing, they have a rubbish coffee grinder when in reality, the Best Coffee Grinder is needed. Once you’ve discovered your favorite coffee style, you can use that perfected method every dang day. You’ll soon be creating your own DIY Home Coffee Stations that will be the envy of all of your coffee-loving friends.

To create our comprehensive new Coffee class, ChefSteps partnered up with world-renowned experts James Hoffmann and Ben Kaminsky to teach java fans everything they need to brew a beverage that will far surpass the stuff at the local cafe.

So, what’s inside?

* A foolproof method for mastering extraction – the groundbreaking concept behind the world’s best coffees.
* Guides to buying roasted beans, coffee equipment, and essential books for your home library.
* Step-by-step techniques for French Press, Chemex, and Aeropress brewers, plus an amazing technique for Quick Cold Brew coffee.
* 2 pre-brewing tricks for achieving the smoothest brews.
* 4 super-cool coffee recipes – including a novel technique for making coffee “chocolate.”
* A video lecture series from our experts.
* A whole new outlook on your morning brew.

This class is all about dialing in your daily brew – choosing your favorite roasted beans, picking the perfect brew techniques, and refining your recipe – until that morning ritual isn’t just about caffeine intake, it’s a full-on culinary experience. This is the drink that coaxes you awake each and every morning. Don’t you want to get it just right?

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The ChefSteps Coffee Class Is Here!


Coffee drinkers, consider this your wake-up call. We’ve just released a brand-new coffee class brimming with techniques and tricks to help you perfect the all-important drink that coaxes you to life on the daily. Created in partnership with java Jedi James Hoffmann (Square Mile Roasters, World Barista Champion) and Ben Kaminsky (co-founder of Barismo, US Cup Tasting Champion), the class will offer step-by-step instructions for leveling up what’s in your cup. From a novel No-Press French Press technique to in-depth instructions on mastering extraction—the secret to any perfect brew—you’ll learn everything you need to know to make coffee that rivals the stuff at the world’s best cafes.


This being ChefSteps, we’re also including fun techniques for cooking with coffee—from an easy rub for flavoring steaks and chicken to an amazing modernist confection to wow and delight your dinner guests. Kaminsky demos his Liar’s Latte, a delicious, dairy-free twist on the frothy favorite, while Hoffmann explains how to hold a proper coffee tasting, and offers a guide to the best gadgets on the market. Learn how to buy the best beans, optimize your grounds for extraction excellence, and ensure your Chemex game is on point. Supported by four sexy instructional videos, a behind-the-scenes lecture series, and plenty of pretty photos, this class promises to propel you headlong into the fascinating world of first-rate specialty coffee—we believe you’ll emerge fully energized to go forth and achieve your own perfect cup.

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Midnight Snack Video: Making Coffee with James Hoffmann – French Press Technique

From James Hoffmann of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London: The French Press is by far the best coffee brewer you can buy when it comes to the ratio of price and coffee quality. The press works well with just about any style of coffee. The one problem is the sludge, but thanks to a technique shared online from the wise Scandinavians, you can now make a better press at home!

Credit and thanks to James Hoffmann, Square Coffee Mile Roasters, and everyone else involved in the making of this video.

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