Fire Charmer – Visual of the Week

Typically, a person doesn’t smile with glee when their hands are glowing on fire, but then  Rusty Oliver isn’t typical.  Filmed at 5300 frames per second with a Phantom Flex, our friend Rusty shows us how fun propane-filled bubbles can be in the hands of an experienced professional.

Warning: Don’t try this at home


The ChefSteps Team Slows It Down With High Speed Video

We Run A Clean Kitchen, But Our High Speed Video Studio Was A Hot Mess!

Last week, the ChefSteps team and some of their friends (Neal Stephenson, Pablos Holman, Kevin Finke, and Rusty Oliver to name a few) made a mess. Not a little mess — an epic high speed video mess.

Grant Crilly demonstrates how to make applesauce with a mallet.

As of Monday morning, every cleaning tool had been put to good use to restore ChefSteps to its pre-shoot condition and the room was abuzz with snippets of conversation about the best things that had happened over the weekend. We’ll be rolling out some of those best things in time, but meanwhile, here’s a photo sampler from the weekend for your enjoyment.

Ryan Matthew Smith disappears into a floury cloud.

Neal Stephenson sneaks up on a cantaloupe
with his longsword by Angus Trim.

 Grant Crilly loads up a satsuma for the ride of its life.

From L-R: Ryan Matthew Smith, Nathan Pegram, Hans’ cousin, Greg Mattson, and Hans Twite look on in amazement. What are they looking at?

ChefSteps is Chris Young, Grant Crilly and Ryan Matthew Smith.
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