Best of the Forum: Sausage-Making, Chicken Wings, and the Organic Food Fight

Prolific forum member Cheryl—spent the week making sausages, as well as these lovely Valentine's candies.

Prolific forum member Cheryl spent the week making sausages, as well as these lovely Valentine’s candies.

Watching the sausage getting made, and liking it.

Debunking a popular expression, Cheryl takes us inside her process for making homemade sausage. Dig that foot-long on a bun, meat lovers.

Whatever the question, the right answer is “wings.”

We are unabashed fried chicken lovers at ChefSteps, so if you’re going to put a picture of really pretty wings on the forum, we’re going to pay attention. Check out these Buffalo-style beauties from James—then quell the inevitable craving with our recipe for crispy-tender wings. Ugh, so hungry now.

Uh-oh, someone mentioned the “O” word.

Ever notice how the word “organic” tends to bring out the fight among foodies? Our community kept it civil this week when a Question of the Day focused on the issue. Care to weigh in? The forum would love to have you.

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Get Fried All Summer Long


A lot of people like to spend the summer smoking meats—trust us, we are among them. In fact, our devotion is such that we created this in-depth barbecue class complete with techniques, science, 20 recipes, and a method for making smoked Bloody Mary ice. So, you probably want to check that out.

But lazy, sunny weekends are also a festive excuse to chow down on some fried goodness—and despite what your “health-conscious” friends might have you believe, the deep-fried foods are inevitably the most popular dishes at any party. So without further ado, here ya go: five crispy, crunchy party foods for all your summer celebrations.

1. Potato Chips: Make them yourself and they don’t count as junk food. (The same applies if you eat ice cream standing up. Or eat pizza for breakfast. Or—this is getting kind of sad, isn’t it?)


2. Some people might not love the idea of eating poutine in the hot season. They’re clearly not staying up late enough. No matter the time of year, any evening at the bars should end with gravy-covered fries studded with cheese curds. We’ve got two versions: old school, and new. This may be the most patriotic weekend of the year, but we salute the Canadians nonetheless.


3. Chicken Wings are right up there with ribs when it comes to food that sticks to your face. That’s why we love to eat them with family and other assorted loved ones—anybody who can’t leave you even after they’ve seen your lips stained orange.


4. Man, we love snacking on Fried Tendon Puffs. Wait, where are you going? Seriously, try these salty, crunchy treats and you will end up dreaming of them at meetings when you’re supposed to be analyzing web metrics.


5.  Imagine you, only with a great Fish & Chips recipe you can whip out whenever your friends are hungry and looking to be impressed. Oh hey there buddy, no need to thank us! The joy is in the giving. Enjoy your summer!

Fish and Chips recipe – ChefSteps

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