The ChefSteps Forum Is Really Cooking!

When we started building our sous vide course, we knew how crucial our interaction and communication with you, our students, and the culinary community at large would be to the success of our online courses. We envisioned the forum as an extramural course to put you in an exchange with world class chefs, writers, inventors, artists, scientists and everyone else with a curious mind and a passion for exquisite food.

Well, guess what? The ChefSteps forum is really starting to cook thanks to the contributions of some amazing new members. We’ve added some new categories to the list above, including paramedic/firefighter, clinical psychologist, software guru, financier, etc., plus lots of other new students and we couldn’t be more pleased with the level of information and interaction that’s taking place. We thought you might like to get to know a few of these folks better, so here are some of the members of our forum you’ll get to meet when you sign up and get cooking.

After purchasing a PolyScience immersion circulator from our store, paramedic/firefighter Mason Perry took to our course and has been cooking up a sous vide storm ever since. He prepared a five course sous vide dinner and this delicious looking sous vide hamburger with sous vide asparagus and smashed potatoes. He now has his own thread on our forum to post all of his dishes.

victorwol works in tv post-production when he’s not perfecting the art of cooking sous vide eggs. BlvCook has been cooking sous vide for the past year and a half and has great questions. Trevor Teich is a chef in Chicago with a terrific blog and lots of great advice. Duda Ferreira knows a thing or two about sous vide corned ox tongue.

Computer consultant, Johan Edstrom (Seijoed on the forum), is not only cooking sous vide, but is one of your go to guys for DIY immersion circulator info. He has a great group on Google+ along with Brendan Lee, clinical psychologist, and
Patrick Ancillotti, another awesome computer guy (thanks for your help), and they will all jump in to answer your questions and ask even better questions to keep the discussion going.

We’ve added a new Pinterest board to showcase some of the dishes that our forum members have posted, so check it out and pin away! Chris Young also just added the first quiz on Module 1, so you can gauge how you’re doing on the course.

Don’t forget that the usual suspects; Chris Young, Grant Crilly, Ryan Matthew Smith, Michael Natkin, Nathan Pegram and other members of our team are also responding to your questions, so sign up, spread the word and be a part of it all.

A sincere thank you to all of our forum members from Chris, Grant, Ryan and the rest of the ChefSteps team.

ChefSteps Recipe Printing Is Now Enabled!

You Asked, We Listened.

Good news! You can now print out a hard copy of any of our recipes. At the top of a recipe, you’ll see a print link in the navigation bar (or you can just use the print menu item in your browser), and it will print in a somewhat reasonable format with smaller images; leaving out excess stuff in the header, etc.

It isn’t consistent between browsers yet, the best experience seems to be in Firefox, but they are all a lot better than printing the raw page. Please give it a try and let us know (by posting on our forum) how it worked and what you’d like to see improved!

Thank you,
Michael Natkin and the rest of the ChefSteps Team

Help Us Prep Our Sous Vide Food Prep Course

Module 2: Preparation of our Sous Vide Cooking Course is in production and we could really use your input in several areas. Within the course, we plan on taking you through many aspects of food preparation including:

  • The importance of organization and working clean
  • The importance of working by weight
  • The efficiency of a scale
  • Trimming and portioning
  • Seasonings, brines, and marinades
  • Tips and tricks

We would love to know if there are any aspects of food preparation that confound, annoy or keep you from cooking all together. What could you really use help with?

Also, do you have any favorite aspects of food prep that you truly enjoy (chop onions, boil water) or any favorite tips that you’d like to share?

In addition to teaching you the ins and outs of sous vide, we also want to deepen your understanding of the science of great cooking and share with you the skills that will ensure excellent results. The more input from you, the better we can do our job of providing you with a great curriculum. So please, jump right in by commenting on this post, or even better, signing up on the ChefSteps Forum and joining the discussion.

Thank you,
Chris, Grant, Ryan and the rest of the ChefSteps Team