This is a (sometimes) live feed from the development kitchen.

Video streaming by Ustream

We are running this stream with the free ad-supported version of ustream now, so just hang on for a few seconds. If you think this is cool and want to see more, leave a comment below so we know we should improve it. Oh, and there isn’t any audio, don’t bother adjusting your speakers!

11 thoughts on “Live Video From the ChefSteps Development Kitchen

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  2. Very cool. It’s 6am here in Australia and I get to watch people cook my breakfast in bed. Now how do we get it sent over?

    • Just what kind of shipping charges are you wiling to pay? …And I hate to say it, but I think the dish is going to be cold by the time it gets there. 🙂

  3. cool, but the spacing on the layout at the bottom seems a little cramped.

  4. Very cool but I’d like to see the mustachioed guy doing more sous vide-ing please.

  5. Mike Tremoulet

    Sadly not live right now. It’s going on lunchtime in Seattle; always wondered what chefs ate for lunch. I suppose this hides the Pizza Hut delivery. 😉

  6. Laura Lazzaroni

    Very cool! Keep it coming…

  7. Any plans for audio in the future?

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