Introducing Joule: A Letter From Chris Young

We built Joule to fit seamlessly in today's kitchen. It fits in a drawer with your knives and your spatula, and you'll use it just as often.

Joule is small enough to fit in a drawer with your knives. We think you’ll use it just as often.

Revolutions have to start somewhere.

Despite massive advances in computing and the internet, globalization and manufacturing, the kitchen has largely been left behind. We’re going to change that.

In the last few years, ChefSteps has created and shared over 700 video-based recipes, which you’ve viewed over 50 million times from nearly every country in the world. And for those of you who’ve watched our videos or cooked our recipes, it won’t come as a surprise that we think sous vide has a big role to play in revolutionizing the kitchen.

The more we listened to your feedback, the more it became clear that many of you wanted a better sous vide cooking experience. We challenged ourselves to reimagine sous vide from the ground up, to create a tool that would inspire and empower cooks at every skill level and make sous vide a real part of today’s kitchen.

So we built it. And we call it Joule.

Joule represents three years of listening and reacting to your feedback, testing with community members, and inventing and reinventing until we got it right. But this is just the beginning. We built Joule for you, and we’re incredibly excited to get it into your hands, learn from your experiences, and decide what comes next. And yes, I’m being sincere when I say Joule is for you, and for every single cook in the ChefSteps community.

We hope Joule will encourage you to continue believing in the magic of the kitchen and sharing in the ritual of cooking and eating with the people you love. Grant and I founded ChefSteps with a conviction that if we focused on making cooks happy through our work, then our business would thrive. Those of you who have worked in the restaurant industry will recognize this as the business of hospitality.


PS. ChefSteps is truly a global community, and it’s important to us that we make Joule available to passionate cooks around the world. We’re working as fast as we can to bring it to you. If you’re interested in getting updates about availability in your country, go to and click “Keep Me Posted.”

Joule: claim yours now.


Preorder Joule today and be among the first cooks to experience the future of sous vide.

15 thoughts on “Introducing Joule: A Letter From Chris Young

  1. Hi trying to sign up for the Joule but nothing comes up when you click on the link

    • Having the same problem with the main ChefSteps site lately. Appears to be loading but just remains as a blank white page. The Blog is OK.

      It seems to be a Safari only issue. (Mac)

    • Which link failed for you? The one in the email that went out today? What mail client are you using. I generally use Airmail on my Mac, and found the “Claim Yours Now” link didn’t respond; I then tried via Mac’s and the link worked.

  2. Shigeru KAWAGUCHI

    Could you please implement full WPA2 spec. for WiFi? I have seen so many of IoT devices lacking ability to take full 63 letter long WiFi keys and causing me and others problems keeping house wireless network secure.


  3. Congrats on the new team member! Looking forward to testing it when available.

  4. Let’s hope there is an international version soon… And that international buyers are not ripped off as they are by certain other sous vide device, where the EU version plus shipping more than doubles the price!

  5. Excited to test this out. I don’t think anybody knows sous vide for the home cook like you guys do.

    If you wanted to tackle chamber vacs for the home cook next I would not be opposed.

  6. Yes, the market needs a chamber vac for about $300 or less.

  7. None of the links on today’s info on Joule work. There’s even a link to a Chat for Help – do dice, doesn’t work. Broadband access, Windows 7, Wi-Fi, IE-11.

  8. Joule looks great.
    Agree with chap above who mentioned the chamber vac – this area needs some real innovative thinking as currently the CV’s are constrained by size and cost of the pump, making it out of reach both in physical size and cost for most home cooks.
    I’d also like to see a good quality domestic blast chiller. I’ll keep dreaming. 🙂

  9. Hi

    Will this work in Australia?

  10. Watched the video and I am so excited about this product. Do you have a timeframe to get it out internationally? I know at least 20 people in my town in Australia who will purchase a Joule as soon as it arrives. Well done to the team.

  11. Pre-ordered so fast, the credit card is smoking.