Midnight Snack Video: Mizu Shingen Mochi Recipe

From Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!! あっ、 妄想グルメだ!: Mizu Shingen Mochi looks like a large drop of water, but it’s actually a delicate cake. It needs to be consumed within 30 minutes, before it turns into a sweet puddle of water!

Granulated Sugar
Brown Sugar Syrup (kokumitsu)
Soybean Flour (kinako)

1. Put 12 g granulated sugar and 15 g agar in a pot, and mix.
2. Add 500 cc water little by little, and mix. Repeat it. This is important because agar does not melt easily.
3. Melt agar completely with the boiling hot water.
4. Pour it into the sphere mold.
5. Chill it in a refrigerator.
6. Take out from the mold after hardened and serve with brown sugar syrup and soybean flour.
7. Please eat while feeling the Force.

Many thanks and credit to Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!!, and everyone else involved in the making of this video. Please share the Midnight Snack with your friends and start cooking!

3 thoughts on “Midnight Snack Video: Mizu Shingen Mochi Recipe

  1. Amazing but could you provide the recipe, it would be great to recreate this at home.

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