Midnight Snack Video: Keep It Canada with Matty Matheson – Skeet Shooting, Trout Fishing, and the Turd Confederacy

From Munchies: Episode 5 of Keep It Canada—Matty Matheson of Parts & Labour in Toronto heads to the Québec countryside to hang out with Emma Cardarelli, chef and co-owner of Nora Gray and chef Charles-Antoine Crête. They go fishing for trout—Emma’s catch quickly outnumbering Matty’s, ten to one—before heading for a skeet-shooting session. Matty continues on an exploration of amazing Québec food and cooks a huge meal for his friends.

Many thanks and credit to Munchies, Matty Matheson, and everyone else involved in the making of this video. Please share the Midnight Snack with your friends and start cooking!

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