The ChefSteps Coffee Class Is Here!


Coffee drinkers, consider this your wake-up call. We’ve just released a brand-new coffee class brimming with techniques and tricks to help you perfect the all-important drink that coaxes you to life on the daily. Created in partnership with java Jedi James Hoffmann (Square Mile Roasters, World Barista Champion) and Ben Kaminsky (co-founder of Barismo, US Cup Tasting Champion), the class will offer step-by-step instructions for leveling up what’s in your cup. From a novel No-Press French Press technique to in-depth instructions on mastering extraction—the secret to any perfect brew—you’ll learn everything you need to know to make coffee that rivals the stuff at the world’s best cafes.


This being ChefSteps, we’re also including fun techniques for cooking with coffee—from an easy rub for flavoring steaks and chicken to an amazing modernist confection to wow and delight your dinner guests. Kaminsky demos his Liar’s Latte, a delicious, dairy-free twist on the frothy favorite, while Hoffmann explains how to hold a proper coffee tasting, and offers a guide to the best gadgets on the market. Learn how to buy the best beans, optimize your grounds for extraction excellence, and ensure your Chemex game is on point. Supported by four sexy instructional videos, a behind-the-scenes lecture series, and plenty of pretty photos, this class promises to propel you headlong into the fascinating world of first-rate specialty coffee—we believe you’ll emerge fully energized to go forth and achieve your own perfect cup.

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17 thoughts on “The ChefSteps Coffee Class Is Here!


    On a serious note. I’m not much of a forum dweller but I made alot of the recipes learned alot of techniques and most of all, learned to COOK. Not just follow recipes.

    Love your site, a big fan.

    Keep kicking ass, and still waiting for a lesson on how to taste and choose whiskey or 10 old fashioned recipes

  2. Pretty pumped about this course!

  3. Entered my email and hit subscribe. Nothing happens.

    • I’m thinking if you were notified by email about this chances are pretty good that you’re already on the mailing list

    • Thanks for your comment, Dom! If you’re not already on the ChefSteps emailing list, you are now added and will be notified when the class goes live. If you WERE already on the list, as Lesley says, you’re already good to go. 🙂 We’ll send out a launch announcement in early February!

  4. Will you include home roasting?

  5. Would love to learn about home roasting and where to get quality beans for this process.

  6. So exciteeeeeeeeed cannot wait tbh!!!

  7. Energy burst, can’t wait to solace heaven at the horizon at twilight!

  8. I have been roasting my own beans for years now. Easy to do at home, and opens up a world of coffees you don’t see from charbucks or local roasters. See for more.

  9. Excellent!! 😀

    Looking forward to this, also, just pointing out your subscribe button didn’t seem to work.

    Yes, I realize I got notified regarding the list, but that’s not really the point. Your button should be sending some sort of acknowledgement to the end-user that something happened or did not, does not seem very end-user friendly.

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  11. Kathleen Fogarty

    So where do we enter the name of the coffee that is not chocolate? I want to play!

  12. Cocofee, heaven, stimulating
    Cacof delight,

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