Midnight Snack Video: Lamb’s Head and Dirty Jameson Shots – Chef’s Night Out in Paris with Le Bal Café

From Munchies: A Chef’s Night Out with two expatriate English-born chefs: Anna Trattles and Alice Quillet. Anna and Alice offer a slightly French take on traditional British cuisine at their restaurant, Le Bal Café in Paris. First up, a quick pitcher of Pimm’s Cups, then off to Bones to hang with chef James Henry and dine on lamb’s head and raw fish. Next stop; Le Mary Celeste, for chef Haan Palcu-Chang’s signature beetroot rice cakes. The night ends with some “dirty Jameson shots” at Chez Ammad and a return to Le Bal to cook for the hungry crowd.


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Thanks and credit to Munchies, Anna Trattles, Alice Quillet, and everyone else involved in the making of this video.

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