Midnight Snack Video: How to Select Fish with Chef Grant Crilly

Grant Crilly takes us shopping at two of our favorite fish markets in Seattle: Uwajimaya, and Mutual Fish Company and explains what to look for when selecting fish. This is a sneak preview of our new online class, Salmon to Steak: How to Cook Meats Like a Pro, which debuts March 18, 2014. The class covers how to choose meat, seafood, and poultry, and cook it to perfection at home—all you’ll need is a pan, an oven, and a good digital thermometer. Pre-register before the class launches and we’ll send you a discount code for a 25% off the class price of $39.

We especially hope you enjoyed this Midnight Snack Video. Visit ChefSteps to enroll in our online classes, prepare recipes from our recipe gallery, and share ideas with our friendly culinary community.

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