Midnight Snack Video: Batter Up with Kenny Shopsin

From the New York Times, Chef Kenny Shopsin of Shopsin’s at the Essex Street Market in NYC makes Mac and Cheese Pancakes. Be sure to check out I Like Killing Fliesthe excellent documentary on the chef, his family, and his legendry restaurant and check out Kenny’s epic cookbook: Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin.

Thanks and credit to the Shopsins, the New York Times, Christine Muhlke, Jigar Mehta, Patrick Farrell, and everyone else involved.

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2 thoughts on “Midnight Snack Video: Batter Up with Kenny Shopsin

  1. What makes me feel so fortunate to be here, is that the ChefSteps team and community appreciates great eating as long as it’s fun and smart. There are no surly, rude insults (we can find these enough at too many at other popular feeds.)
    You guys are nice to be around, great to have at a party, and helpful to everyone from the foundation on up.
    What a wonderful place to hang out and learn.
    Thanks for everything you guys do, and I love Shopsin! He’s a straight shooter, and he cooks to make his guests happy….as long as you follow the simple rules with no tricks. 🙂

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