Our New Mobile App Was Built by Unicorns

Before developing your own app, you need to learn more about UX, the content that’s going to be on it, and what the user will want from the app. So, this is what we did when we wanted to take this venture to the best level and here’s what happens when people who love cooking and learning work together.


It’s only a matter of time before you hear of Nick Cammarata and Andrew Hsu, so we might as well get it out of the way. Call them what you will: entrepreneurs, prodigies, unicorns. We’ve thrown all those words around here at ChefSteps, and they’re all true. Nick and Andrew have used their mobile app development services and spent the last four months building our brand new mobile app, and we couldn’t be prouder to show it off.


In their combined 44 years on this planet, Nick and Andrew have done more than many will do in a lifetime. By age 16, Nick had founded his first start-up company; by 18, he was awarded a Thiel Fellowship to skip college and work on software solutions to optimize teaching strategies at the high school level.

In Nick’s 2011 Thiel class was Andrew Hsu, a former 19-year-old PhD candidate in Stanford’s neuroscience program. Andrew started undergraduate at the University of Washington at age 12, and graduated at 16 with degrees in neurobiology, biochemistry, and chemistry. He left his PhD program at Stanford four years later in order to pursue the Thiel Fellowship. Nick and Andrew bonded quickly over their passion for education and learning. They started a company together last summer committed to developing high-tech solutions for learning and acquiring knowledge. Beginning a start-up company in the right location is absolutely critical to its continued success. Increasingly, founders are being drawn away from the likes of L.A. and New York. They are instead looking towards the opportunities to be found at what are being called ‘alt cities’ – what are alt cities? These places are offering everything that entrepreneurs and venture capitalists want.

Enter ChefSteps. And guess what? We love learning, too. So we asked Nick and Andrew to build a mobile app that would encourage people to learn more about food and cooking through our recipes and videos. Building a mobile app may seem daunting at first to those who are starting from scratch, but there are companies now like Expedition Co. that can help with the development process so you too can make one of your very own.

“We’re both passionate about cooking and were instantly fascinated by the quality of the ChefSteps content, and wanted to help in any way we could,” says Andrew. “When we visited ChefSteps, we kept hearing people talk about how mobile technology was often used in the kitchen to view recipes, as mobile devices are way less unwieldy than laptops. So, we started working with ChefSteps on developing the mobile experience and decided that the initial release would be a beautiful mobile recipe viewer. We knew that ChefSteps’ content, photos, and videos had to be placed in the forefront of any design, and we hope that we’ve made a first step at showcasing it properly.”

We think Nick and Andrew did a great job, and we hope you’ll think so, too. Try out the app and please, as always, let us know if you have any feedback.

The ChefSteps app is currently live for iPhones running iOS7. It allows you to view, search for, and filter recipes, and quickly gather all the information to prepare, learn, and create your own recipes.

PSST: This is only the tip of the iceberg. Nick and Andrew are already at work on their next ChefSteps project, creating a new, modern, unified forum, commenting system, and community tools. Stay tuned for more from our unicorns-in-residence.

UPDATE: We hear you, Android and Windows users! Unfortunately, right now our community traffic doesn’t support the decision to develop non-iPhone apps. Invite your fellow Android and Windows users to join ChefSteps, and we’ll do our best to get development underway. Until then, borrow your friends’ iPhones and check it out!

4 thoughts on “Our New Mobile App Was Built by Unicorns

  1. I like the design of your app! it’s very creative and very simple! it reminds me of another app for restaurants http://www.restoandthecity.ca. I like the simplicity and the creativity of both.

  2. Digging the app. It’d be great if it didn’t forget my filter every time I go back from looking at a recipe. Makes me hesitant to click through unless I’m positive it’s what I’m looking for.

  3. Dont think I will. Think I’ll just find another app because there is A LOT of them.

  4. Does anyone know a good recipe sharing app for restaurant chefs? That might do more then just share recipes? Maybe cost them for you? Be able to sort and download invoices?