It’s Movember and we’ll be growing a mustache to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. It’s going to be a hairy journey and we want you to be part of it. Taking care of your health is incredibly important, and there are men who go through ailments such as these that can completely change their lives around. So speaking about their health is a necessity. From letting them know what signs to look out for with their prostate to speaking to them about their fitness levels and what they can do to support their bodies in a better way, men need to know how they can do the best thing for their health. Some will see health issues as a wake-up call which will get them hitting the gym with new men’s t-shirts, trainers, and a whole new outlook on life, whereas others will start to prioritize their mental health more so they can tackle each day as it comes.

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A mustache is the mark of a man, and today it is a symbol to spark conversations about important health issues. These include issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and even men’s suicide. Thousands of men around the world get diagnosed with these health problems every day, and in a matter of seconds, their whole lives can change. This sudden change has the ability to cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and maybe even pain to the individual who has received this diagnosis. It could be your friend, brother, son, or father, and the last thing you want is for them to experience these added emotions.

As such, they may decide to take holistic medications, like hemp or cbd, as there are 8 major cannabinoids in hemp and these ingredients can make a significant difference to the mental health of your loved one. Once their mental health can be resolved, they will be able to take on the biggest health challenge of their lives. And that is where Movember comes in. Whilst this month is a time to have fun and to show off your mustaches, good or bad, amongst your friends, it is also a time to raise awareness about these debilitating ailments.

If you have been affected yourself, or you know someone that has, you will know just how damaging it can be to someone’s life when they get diagnosed with cancer. Depending on the stage of your cancer, you may even be required to look for a comprehensive guide to disability insurance that details how you can apply for disability insurance that can help to cover any loss of wages, as well as helping to support your family if you are the main breadwinner. When someone is diagnosed with this, it can be hard to fully understand how damaging it can be, especially if you haven’t experienced it first-hand yourself. Therefore, this makes Movember all the more important.

So guys, pledge to grow a Mo today, or ladies, join the team to support the Mo.


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