The French macaron class is coming soon!

We’re really looking forward to the upcoming launch. We can’t wait to see all of your amazingly successful macarons!

A few weeks ago, our chefs handed the aprons to the rest of the (non-chef) team, and asked us to beta-test the class. We paired up into teams and made our own batches of macarons—with no support from the kitchen staff. That’s right, no support at all.


They watched us like lab rats as we cooked our way through the class, making sure that the step-by-step instructions and videos were easy to understand and interpret. If we had any obstacles throughout the process, we talked about them and wrote them down. Then, we went back and fixed everything that had been confusing or unclear.

This was such an entertaining and enjoyable activity to do with my coworkers. I hope you will give it a try as well! Speaking from experience, I can say that this thorough, in-depth class will help you perfect your French macaron artistry. I guarantee it!

Before we launch, we’re giving away three free entrances to the class:

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4 thoughts on “The French macaron class is coming soon!

  1. how much will cost the class?

  2. Aaron Schroeder

    Just wanted to say that I think that the ‘price’ you’ve offered to existing members is really generous. You could’ve just as easily said “half-off” or “thanks for your commitment, but this course took a lot of resources to produce”, and you didn’t. It’s the kind of thing that both makes me love this site and has committed me to making my next kitchen purchase from your store, rather than from Amazon or wherever else.

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