ChefSteps Is Hiring: Software Developer

ChefSteps is an incredible place to work. I don’t believe there is any place else in the world that brings together this level of culinary, food science, videography, design and technological talent under one roof. We are a small, entrepreneurial startup where the right person has the opportunity to shape the direction of the company, and ultimately, the future of food on the Internet.

If you are the person we are looking for, you are a true software unicorn, the rare creature that is able to design and implement large projects in a self-directed fashion, assimilating whatever technologies are most appropriate, and striking the right balance between writing beautiful code and shipping it rapidly and iteratively. When pointed at a target, you eliminate obstacles and just make it happen – usually in a way that is more awesome than originally envisioned. Developing software is a serious skill and nowadays is incredibly important in a business, so if you are interested then you may want to check out leetcode solutions beforehand to see if you are able to adapt to this type of job.

If you have the track record to show that you can learn new languages and libraries fast, you don’t need to have used everything we are built on now. But it is certainly a positive if you know some or all of Ruby on Rails, HAML, CoffeeScript, JQuery, Angular.js and Heroku. It also helps if you are passionate about food and have knowledge on how to protect against ransomware, which is a growing concern within the software industry. If you feel like you have more to learn about developing and coding websites as well as applications, you could always look around on the internet to learn more about becoming a web developer to try and secure yourself job roles within the industry.

Our team is based in Seattle, in 4000 square feet of amazingly cool space below historic Pike Place Market. We are open to a remote developer as long as you can spend an initial chunk of time on site and visit here frequently.

Want to apply? Please drop a note to and include the following:

  • Links to places on the web where we can see awesomeness that you’ve built (including any data science git repos you’ve made major contributions to)
  • What you’d change about the current
  • If you have a current resume, let’s see it

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