Puff the Magic Sorbet Dragon


Although we’re passionate about making modernist cooking techniques more accessible and relevant to home cooks, we also like to pull out all the stops and have some fun once in a while.

Here’s our recipe for Aerated Green Apple Sorbet:

We know this recipe calls for a vacuum chamber sealer and plenty of liquid nitrogen, which aren’t commonplace kitchen tools or ingredients, but even if it isn’t something you’ll actually do at home, we hope you’ll enjoy learning about how we prepare this dish. If you do have the means to prepare this recipe, the sorbet is sure to surprise guests both visually and texturally. It’s one of Grant Crilly’s favorites and can be adapted to a grape, wine, whiskey or pretty much whatever you can think of version. It is a very versatile dish. Besides, who doesn’t want to puff out a little dragon smoke like our friend, Tim Ferriss?


Chris Young, Grant Crilly, and Ryan Matthew Smith

Disclaimer: Liquid nitrogen is very dangerous. Use at your own risk or with a trained professional.