ChefSteps Forum | It’s Meatless Monday!

Michael Natkin issued the first ChefSteps sous vide vegetarian challenge last week on our forum. The objective was to use the sous vide method to make a great meatless main course to wow us. There were some really spectacular dishes and once again, we were knocked out by your efforts and results. Grant, Chris, and Kristina Krug (filling in for Ryan) each picked a favorite dish and since Grant and Chris picked the same dish and it was Michael’s challenge, he also chose a favorite to feature on our Pinterest board.

Grant Crilly: My favorite this week has to be Chris Koller’s sous vide ricotta gnocchi. It is a huge surprise to me that this technique was even an option. After many years of making cheese myself, and using a C-Vap and water bath for the curds, I always went to the pot on the stove for ricotta. What was I thinking? This is a real eye opener for me, I love it! Keep it up, Mr. Koller.

Chris Young: I’m with Grant on this one, Chris Koller did an awesome job!


Kristina Krug: I’m choosing Allen Johnson’s Bangan Bartha this week. He did a wonderful job at visually displaying the dish, in addition to his prep. The colors were vibrant and I really liked the angles of the shots. Looking forward to seeing more photos from Allen in the future!


Michael Natkin: My pick of the week is Brian Douglas’ BarBiBimBapQue . I love the cross-pollination of Southern flavors with the Korean presentation and twists. I’m a sucker for the contrast of savory flavors with the sweet punch from the peaches. Nice work!

Thank you to everyone on the ChefSteps forum and followers of Herbivoracious for your participation. We hope you are enjoying these challenges as much as we are!

Grant, Chris, Ryan, and the rest of the ChefSteps team.

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