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Last week, Grant Crilly issued the first ChefSteps culinary challenge on our forum. The objective was to use the sous vide method to make a meal or dish that featured breakfast fare for dinner. We could not be more pleased with all of the effort that everybody put into the challenge and we are thrilled by all the resulting dishes that were prepared. As promised, Grant, Ryan and Chris each picked a dish to highlight, so I’ll let them weigh in on their choices and get busy pinning the chosen dishes to our Pinterest board.

Grant Crilly: It has been amazing to see so many individuals come to our site, get engaged and learn new skills. More amazing, to me, is how quickly our students have picked up new skills and adapted to foods they already know and love. This week’s challenge was the first for ChefSteps and it could not have gone better. Chris, Ryan, and I have each chosen a dish that stood out to us. This week, my favorite would have to be Jim’s sous vide chorizo infused French toast with 64 °C poached egg. I loved the presentation and that he really focused on doing one thing really well, and letting the rest support his main idea. Very beautiful presentation. Congrats, Jim!


Ryan Matthew Smith: As our photographer, I’ve picked Mason Perry’s sous vide breakfast gyro and egg. I really liked his presentation of the dish and the perspective he shot from for the photo. Great job, Mason.

Chris Young: So, I’m truly impressed and humbled by all of the effort people put into our first culinary challenge. I look forward to seeing what our students will do this week. I’m going to single out Lachlan Hunt this week for his modernist take on the “full Aussie” with a twist. I happen to know that his adaptation of Heston Blumenthal’s historic “meat fruit” recipe is difficult to execute and his convincing job of making a breakfast banger look like roast tomato is clever, and I suspect, delicious. Good job, Lachlan.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with for Michael Natkin’s sous vide vegetarian challenge this week!

Thank you to everyone on the forum for your ongoing invaluable participation, whether in the challenge, Q&A, or most important, encouraging each other along the way.

Grant, Chris, Ryan, and the rest of the ChefSteps team.

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