ChefSteps Recipe Printing Is Now Enabled!

You Asked, We Listened.

Good news! You can now print out a hard copy of any of our recipes. At the top of a recipe, you’ll see a print link in the navigation bar (or you can just use the print menu item in your browser), and it will print in a somewhat reasonable format with smaller images; leaving out excess stuff in the header, etc.

It isn’t consistent between browsers yet, the best experience seems to be in Firefox, but they are all a lot better than printing the raw page. Please give it a try and let us know (by posting on our forum) how it worked and what you’d like to see improved!

Thank you,
Michael Natkin and the rest of the ChefSteps Team

One thought on “ChefSteps Recipe Printing Is Now Enabled!

  1. Thank Chefsteps we will appreciate it