Join Chris Young and Grant Crilly at Town Hall Seattle!

We know this is a busy time of year for each of you – visiting family and friends, still busy at work, entertaining, shopping and cooking. But, we hope those of you in the Seattle area can join us in a few weeks for an evening of food and education at Town Hall Seattle.

ChefSteps-Sous-Vide-Cooking-ClassGrant Crilly and Chris Young will take the stage at Town Hall Seattle on Monday, December 17th with a talk that will feature the Pike Place Market (ChefSteps’ home base). They plan to take a unique and local look at the simple science of the ingredients you cook with and show you how a basic understanding of these ingredients can improve both your everyday and extraordinary meals.

Chris shares some insight into the decision to do a Town Hall talk and what you should expect if you attend. We hope to see you there!

Q: What makes Town Hall Seattle the best venue for this talk?

CY: Town Hall is a fantastic venue to engage a cross-section of our community to talk about something that so many Seattleites are passionate about — food. We also respect the integrity of Town Hall and their ability to keep costs low and attract a great group of educated, curious and thoughtful community members, which makes it an ideal place for us to use to talk about both cooking and science.

Q: Why feature The Pike Place Market?

CY: The Pike Place Market is a unique fixture of Seattle. It’s well known around the world, and now we’re lucky enough to call it home for our startup. We moved our team into a space in the Market in the heart of the action and we are loving every minute of it! Many people have a certain idea of what the Market is — some think of tourists, others think of it as Seattle’s original supermarket, and others might think of it as a hyper-local venue for food producers. Yet, I doubt many people think of it as a place of innovation or a place that can influence food culture around the world. It has already done this once (Starbucks started at the Market in 1971) and from our space in the Market, we’re hoping that we can once again influence food culture around the world by creating a new way to learn the art and science of cooking.

Q: What should attendees expect to learn about at the Town Hall talk?

CY: We’re going to explore two of the most basic ingredients in cooking: heat and water. We’ll explore the difference between taste, smell, and flavor. We’re also going to bust several common food myths. And, finally, we’re going to try to look at some traditional foods in a way that most people will have never seen before.

Pike Place Market purveyors will also be on hand for the talk, as well as before and after, for tastes and questions in the lobby.

$5 from every ticket sold will be donated to The Pike Place Market Foundation.

Tickets are $10 at or 888/377-4510 and at the door beginning at 6:30 pm. Town Hall members receive priority seating. Great Hall; enter on Eighth Avenue.

ChefSteps is Chris Young, Grant Crilly and Ryan Matthew Smith. Whether you are a professional chef, culinary student, cooking enthusiast or just curious, ChefSteps is for you. Sign up for our free online sous vide cooking class here.

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