So We Have This Pig… (Poll)

So after breaking down our 163 lbs / 74 kg pig last week—with props to Tim Ferriss, our butcher-in-training—we’ve been busy using up every bit of pig, from nose to tail. Sure, a lot of this work will end up in our sous vide course, but in the meantime we’d like to know which cuts you would most like to see as a demonstration video and step-by-step recipe?

Vote below, and then check back soon for the video and recipe that results.

Chris, Grant, and Ryan

7 thoughts on “So We Have This Pig… (Poll)

  1. Please don’t everybody click belly! its predictable, lets see the shoulder or something different.

    On another note- this is very cool letting the subscribers decide. Great work Chris, Grant & Ryan

  2. Agreed David on both counts.
    I voted Jowls and THANK YOU Chris, Grant & Ryan!


  3. +1 Jowl

  4. Why not just do a head-to-tail… and have the best parts/techniques highlighted?

  5. How about the brains?

  6. I’d like to see the head and ears prepared…but that is not on the list. Making headcheese is a great art and it has always confounded me.