Visiting the La Marzocco USA Headquarters

A couple of months ago, the ChefSteps team had the pleasure of receiving a few lessons on espresso, pour over, grinders, espresso history, and all other things coffee during a visit with Scott Gugglielmino at the La Marzocco USA headquarters.

While hanging out with Scott, you kind of get the impression that he obsesses about great coffee even while sleeping. The ChefSteps team is known for being coffee obsessed, but Scott takes it to an entirely new level. Lucky for us, he also has zero inhibition about sharing his expansive wealth of knowledge.

After nerding out on coffee knowledge for a few hours, ChefSteps was able to see the factory. The building front is very unassuming; then you walk through one door and……BAM, you’re in espresso machine heaven. Racks completely filled with espresso machines floor to ceiling cover the walls, the kind online sites like Metrosaga would likely feature if given the chance. They even have racks filled top to bottom with historic espresso machines that illustrate important changes in technology.

A third of the shop is a dedicated work area. This is where the machines are assembled, tweaked, repaired, and customized. Lucky for us a La Marzocco Strada was disassembled, giving us an inside look at their signature machine

We capped the day with a lesson from another local master of espresso; Andrew Milstead of Milstead & Co. Andrew gave us some tips ranging from dialing in our grind size to getting ideally textured milk foam.

Thanks for the great coffee and more importantly; dropping some knowledge!

3 thoughts on “Visiting the La Marzocco USA Headquarters

  1. I did have one of the best espressos during our visit!

  2. Hey I’m just curious in the pour over pic. Why isn’t a kettle used to create a circular motion & instead a straight stream of water is used.

    Thank you

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