Thanks 513Eats, Local 127, and Woodland Pork

Just a quick post to thank our friends from Cincinnati who dropped by yesterday to check out what’s going on behind the scenes at ChefSteps and try our Salmon 104°F recipe. On the left is Illene Ross from and on the right are Justin Dean from Woodland Pork and Steven Geddes, the chef at Local 127 in Cincinnati.

Justin is raising amazing heritage breed pigs the old fashioned way at Woodland Pork, and then curing a range of traditional European-style pork products like dry-cured hams, coppa, and lomo.

Local 127 is the first restaurant in the country to feature Justin’s work. Check out the video below to see Steven and Justin at work. And at about 5:50 into the video you’ll see some really happy pigs living the way pigs should. Grant and I cannot wait to get some Woodland Pork into our kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Thanks 513Eats, Local 127, and Woodland Pork

  1. You guys rock! Great work we learned a few new tricks we can share with our Cincy folks!

  2. All the work is done by Cure Master Jay Denham, Owner Nic Heckett, Husbandry and much much much more by Chuck Talbott & Nadine Perry @ Black Oak Holler in WVA….

  3. I am sorry I couldn’t make it to Seattle, but thanks so much for your enthusiastic support of our projects. Woodlands Pork has a simple goal, to produce an American ham of great character, that can hold its own against any ham in the world. Appalachia is the obvious place to do this, the largest oak forest in the world.

  4. When you have the opportunity to visit Black Oak Holler, you will quickly see that Nic and his group are well on their way to reach their goal. I believe it is more of a pig paradise than a tradition pork production facility