Visual of the Week: Spilled Wine

Warning: Alcohol was abused and wine glasses were injured during this shoot.

Here at ChefSteps we’re lucky to have the talented photographer Ryan Matthew Smith as a cofounder. We’ve been shooting thousands of new images to tell the story of cooking in a way never before seen. But sometimes we just shoot something that we think will look cool.

wallpaper at 1920×1080
wallpaper at 1920×1200
here ya go Dale 🙂 1440×900

4 thoughts on “Visual of the Week: Spilled Wine

  1. I know that this is asking a lot, but I have a Macbook Air that this would be perfect for. Would it be possible to get this in 1440×900?

    Otherwise, I can just center in the main picture, but I do like the layout of the other two wallpapers you linked. ^_^

  2. Can I use this image on my Instagram feed? @ThePortugueseWineExperience thanks!

  3. Would it be possible to use this image for an online lit. magazine?

    Hope to hear back soon.

    Thank you,

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