Awesome First Day


Thank you to the thousands of visitors today who checked out what we’re doing at ChefSteps. It’s been a very long, but awesome day. Right now we’re busy prepping food. We’ve got some pretty cool friends from San Francisco coming to help out and cook with us tomorrow—we’ll post about it as soon as we can.

Chris, Grant, and Ryan


7 thoughts on “Awesome First Day

  1. Fantastic site! I’ve added you to my blogroll and I’m looking forward to your classes. Good luck!

  2. Phenomenal videos as well as the cooking skills you shown. Now I am in stupor because of I don’t know if I should encourage you guys to do narration in the videos or just leave the awesome soundtracks you already have there.

    • We will be using voice over in some videos, we’ll be on camera explaining and demonstrating techniques in other videos. More to come very soon.

      Chris, Grant, and Ryan

  3. I dig the attention to detail,lack of clutter and gadgets. I think any narration would make this just another cooking video.

  4. I sent your site to all my foodie friends. Good stuff.



  5. Just saw this video, awesome look at production!

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